Native Teachings and Shamanism

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  • Sacred Inner Transformation

Native American Shamanism Retreat

This is a sacred retreat for everyone to immerse themselves into the Sacred realms of the Mysteries.  The Sweat Lodge and Pipe Ceremony will be the “medicines” that will be the used.  These Native rituals are indigenous and are held in a space of deep healing.  During the retreat you will experience communication by your totem animals or by your ancestors who will support your healing to release your unconscious patterns you may have developed during your childhood or has been embedded in your DNA by ancestry.  It is not unusual for people to feel a great “rebirth” after the Sweat Lodge Ceremony.  The Shamanism Retreat is done in the most sacred way of the Old Teachings.  There will be plenty of time to learn myths, traditions, and tribal wisdom.  This is a place where time is no time, place is no place.

It is best to have no expectations when you come.  This will create a space for you to receive more than you ever thought in your mind.

We invite you to heal and start again.  We are the Great Circle.  Be One with Us.

*It’s important to note:  Pipe Ceremony and Inipi Ceremony is a gifted ceremony.  It is not a retreat that will be done in a way that will compensate the Pipe Carrier Jade.  The tuition costs for are for your lodging and meals, and for those who are assisting her.  The remaining tuition will be donated to the causes that are listed on the Policies Page to assist in the healing of all Animals, Trees, and Land. We are here to be One, Or in Native Terms, ALL MY RELATIONS.

Native American Medicine Woman

Jade is a Medicine Woman in the Lakota Sioux tribe. She has attended many sacred Inipi Ceremonies (sweat lodges). Jade has poured lodges for Healing Lodges for many years, and also Women’s Moon Lodges. She has completed four vision quests, and supported many Sun Dances.  She also has accepted the great responsibility presented to her by her Elders to carry a People’s Pipe.  This is a very sacred responsibility.  When children of the earth ask her to pray for them, she will do so without question. In this ceremony you may ask for whatever you desire with the Pipe. Jade will sit with you and as you ask for what you need, you can be sure your prayers will be answered by the Creator. The Pipe ceremony is very sacred, and Jade carries this responsibility with great humility.  She considers it a great honor and maintains dignity at all times. She is a healer, and given spiritual powers and abilities to heal deep emotional wounds, and also treat physical sicknesses.  She has the ability to perform various forms of prophecy.  She is a mystic and has the ability to leave her body and communicate with the spirit world. She has great understanding of Mother Earth and Animal Totems. Jade’s desire is the healing of our Great Mother. She has taken on many students and have taught them to work with their personal Totems, and learn about the signs we have available to us each day, and integrate them into your daily life.  Her desire is to assist you to Walk in Beauty during your lifetime, honor our Mother and All Our Relations. The Pipe Ceremony is a great blessing for your marriage ceremony, a new birth of a baby and your home. It is also used for the passing of a loved one to receive peace. 

Mystic Shamaness

Jade uses her shamanic abilities to assist her clients to break old past life patterns that repeat themselves in each lifetime. She works with totems, Guides and Angels to assist her to help her clients. The Pipe Ceremony will be used in this work, as well as step by step classes and personal guidance to teach the client to understand the mystic world of shamanism.