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Reiki Karuna Master Level IV

Jade was given the opportunity to be one of the first Reiki Masterships in Utah. She received her certificates in 1994-1995. She then added the Karuna Mastership in 1996, which added the Holy Fire. Holy Fire increases the healing process for individuals.  She has been able to assist thousands of people with this gentle healing practice.  Reiki is non-invasive, and very deep healing occurs through the auric fields, and meridians in the physical body and subtle bodies in a client.   Reiki allows the client to receive the healing energy at their pace.  Reiki, (pronounced Ray-Kee) can be used remotely to heal your loved ones that you cannot reach in person.  Jade’s special form of Reiki includes past life experiences, and severe childhood trauma.  Be sure to ask for healings of your pets.  Reiki is an excellent means of healing for them.

At a session you can expect a quiet environment and receive the personalized quiet healing you need.  It is best to have several sessions to receive the full benefits of healing, from emotional to physical.  The session is about 40 minutes.  There is consultation beforehand, and then the healing session follows. If needed, home sessions can be arranged.  Pets, large animals sessions are approximately 20 minutes long.  This is an excellent way to for healing of your four legged loved ones.

Brief History of Reiki

Reiki treatments very healing. To understand about the theory that guides its practitioners’ hands, I will start with you a brief history of the beginning of Reiki.

Nearly a century ago, Buddhist monk Mikao Usui ascended Mount Kurama to fast and meditate. His teacher told him to stay until he received the answers he desired about how Jesus was able to heal during his lifetime. Over a period of time, he received his messages. He also received special “attunement” signs, or symbols, and descended the mountain to share them with his wife. Upon the way down, he stumbled and had the unfortunate accident of harming himself with a deep wound to his lower leg. He did Reiki on himself, and by the time he returned home he was completely healed. There was not a mark on him. He told his wife what happened and pretty soon the entire village where he lived heard of the miracle. That was the beginning of Reiki. All of his life, Master Usui healed the sick, physical and emotionally ill. He passed the “attunements” to 12 others in the Mystery School he founded to begin to expand what he received before he passed on.

To define meaning of Reiki, divide the Japanese word into its constituent parts—Rei, meaning “divine spirit,” and ki, meaning “life energy.” Reiki is spiritual in nature. Ki often chi, flows through everyone. Negative thoughts and physical conditions can disrupt this chi, and it is up to the Reiki practitioner, to “recharge” the affected parts of the energy field. As the practitioner allows the “chi” energy to flow toward the client, that client will experience warmth, relaxation, and inner transformation which is no-invasive. In some cases, they may experience immediate healing. Reiki is received as much as the client will allow themselves to receive. Reiki technique is defined by a practice referred to as “laying on of hands.” The fully clothed patient rests comfortably in a reclining chair or massage table as the practitioner places their hands on their heads and starts the session by allowing themselves to be the conduit for the client to receive the healing energy. There are many energy pathways across the body. The practitioner will place their hands hovering slightly over the body to help release and blockages in the pathways, and to also give the energy where needed to increase healing. Reiki clients report a profound feeling of relaxation that washes over the body during these sessions—some drift off to sleep, and others claim to experience out-of-body visions. Everyone’s experience is uniquely their own. Over a course of time, clients will experience their physical bodies heal, their emotions balanced, and their lives change for the better.

Finally, Master Usui believed Reiki was “the miraculous cure of all diseases”. Reiki practitioners will not disregard traditional medical or psychological treatment. They see it instead as a wonderful companion energy therapy that works in harmony with other types of medicine to combat anxieties and physical illnesses.