Yoga Certification

  • Asana practice

  • Meditation

  • Certification

  • Kriya Breath

  • Mantra Mudra & Sacred Breath Work


Yoga Retreat


7 day Instruction Retreat, 200 hour certification. We are dedicated to introduce to you through our retreat to increase your knowledge of ancient traditional yoga. We will teach you Prana, basic Kriya Breath, Asana Practices, and meditation. We will bring teachers that have been practicing for many years so you will be taught proper alignment which will increase your inner wisdom and physical strength. Our meals will be holistic, health conscious and delectable. This retreat will be a place to realign your own personal practice, and increase your yoga hours as we ask our guest teachers to be part of Yoga Alliance. This is a restful, self-awareness practice that will definitely rejuvenate your soul.