Registering Online

You're registering for 3 days up to 7 days with an option of a shared room. After you complete this form, you'll have the option to pay 50% of the total balance. If you are registering for more than one person you will need to complete two separate forms.  We look forward to hosting you at our retreat. (For further registering options, fill out the form.)

We are looking forward to bringing you a rest and rejuvenation experience. We select different destinations that will bring your experience the backdrop to help you feel connected to the environment and culture of these places. You may choose to experience peace and tranquility of the wooded mountains, or the constant peaceful sound of the waves that brings you the balance you are desiring. We offer only the best meals that will be healing to your system. We keep things simple, pleasing to the eye, and make sure everything is wholesome for your wellbeing. You’ll learn to meditate in different ways to bring you the centeredness you are craving. In our horse retreats, you’ll work directly and indirectly with them to connect with the outer power of these amazing animals, and get in touch with your own inner strength. During our intensive totem animals and shamanism retreats, you’ll be cleansed of old patterns and renew your spirit. This will be life changing. You will learn about native wisdom in the traditional way, and the Animal Totem that will be your partner throughout your life will make itself known to you. Every retreat will have a special gift that you may receive according to your journey.